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The Gender Pay Gap

We need equal pay for equal work.

By prohibiting sex discrimination in a fundamental and effective way – by giving women equal constitutional rights.

Unfair pay is a prevalent problem on the national and state level:

In Maine, a woman on average earns 82 cents on the dollar a man earns, for full-time work.



Unequal Pay and workplace sexual harassment are strongly linked.


24% of households with children are headed by a woman.


60% of minimum wage workers are women.

The ERA would plug some significant loopholes in the laws addressing equal pay for equal work.

  • It would give women a fair chance to know what their male cohorts are paid, without retribution by the employer.  

  • It would give adequate time to lodge a complaint (as provided by the Lily Ledbetter Act)  

  • It would not allow their pay to be based on previous employment, regardless of the position they are filling (2021 Paycheck Fairness Act).  

  • It would not require that a victim of pay discrimination must prove that the employer intended to discriminate.  

  • It would set a principle of fairness for employment, regardless of gender.

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