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Sexual Assault and Title IX


Educators and the public are in an uproar about the Department of Education’s recent retraction of the Obama administration's guidelines to federally-funded schools on how to better handle sexual violence on campus.  The particular points of the issue are complex but the basic question is - why do schools need help in prosecuting sexual violence on campus? It is because our state and federal laws do not give victims of sexual violence a clear path to justice. 


An ERA would give a legal basis for the fair prosecution of laws protecting people (usually women) from sexual violence and we wouldn’t need to rely on a weak 1972 Education Acts statute to prosecute these serious crimes. An ERA would make sexual assault and other discriminatory acts a violation of our rights as Americans, regardless of the State in which they are committed.


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Equal Rights Maine

A group of Mainers advocating for the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

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