ERMaine Meeting Minutes 12.4.18

Upcoming meeting dates: --- Note new dates (2nd Tues. of month – and different times)

Jan. 8, 2019 – 11:00-12:30 Howard Room

Feb. 12 – 12:00-2:00 Howard Room

Mar. 12 – 12:00-2:00 Howard Room

Apr. 9 – 12:00-2:00 Howard Room

May 14 – 12:00-2:00 Howard Room

June 11 – 12:00-2:00 Howard Room

Equal Rights Maine Minutes --- December 4, 2018

Attending: Posie Cowan, Sally Stone, Leda Beth Gray, Nancy Murdock, Sherry Streeter,

Robin Lincoln, Lyn Mayewski

Discussion began with the withdrawal of Susan Snider from the Steering Committee.

Susan will continue to participate on the sidelines and is fully supportive of our mission, but feels she needs to step away for the time being.

Networking & Contacts Data Base --- Networking Log (Nancy) --- Supporters List (Robin)

Nancy has taken over the Networking Log for now (was Susan). Robin offered to help.

She and Nancy will talk.

Network Building (Posie, Sherry, Linda, Susan)

Discussion focused on Allies. It was decided to look at the overall list and pick the top ten.

Linda had expressed her concern, to Nancy, that much of the overall list looked “soft” with mostly small groups. Posie disagreed about this concern citing these groups as a good way to educate as well as get allies. Leda Beth suggested having different levels of the groups.

It was suggested to not put Mabel Wadsworth at the top of the list due to the issue of reproductive rights, even though there is not a real connection with an ERA.

Sally said that the arguments “are not rational, but they’re real.” Leda Beth will do some research on this and how to counter arguments.

Sally said that Pam Maus has 200-300 followers and has said that we can make posts on their Facebook page.

Nancy has drafted a letter to go out to target groups. Depending on the group, it might work better to send an email first, followed up by a phone call, then a letter or the other way around.

Sherry will work on letterhead stationery for the letters.

The goal is to get everything lined up for our January meeting.

Priority list of ten +:

American Association of University Women (AAUW – Maine)


League of Women Voters – Maine

Robin --- Posie will speak with Linda (local) and Sherry will speak with Amy (state)

Posie and Sherry will report back to Robin

Maine ACLU – Hancock branch


Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence


Maine Equal Justice Partner (deals with poverty)

Posie – will talk to Kathleen

Maine Women’s Lobby


Maine New Leadership


Pine Tree Legal (legal assistance program)

Posie – will talk to Kathleen

ERA Coalition (national group)


Equal Means Equal (national group)


Scholar Strategy Network


National Organization of Women (NOW)




Maine Women’s Network (business group)


Communications (Nancy, Sherry, Jean)

a. Website and Facebook

Nancy has raw footage of the Camden event and will talk to Jean about editing it.

b. Newsletter – possibly a new one in January or February

c. Press – next? - possibly around the first day of the state legislative session – date?

Advocacy with Legislators (Sally, Linda, Leda Beth)

Collins (Robin, Linda)

King (Sherry, Nancy)

Pingree (Nancy, Sherry)

Golden (Sally)

Maine: Legislators:

i. Lois Reckitt (Posie)

ii. Eloise Vitelli (Posie)

iii. Sarah Pebworth – House (Linda)

iv. Louie Luchini – Senate (Robin)

Calls for Action (Leda Beth)

Sherry said that she had talked to Sarah Pebworth and that she’s totally on board. Sherry will give her a copy of the short film. Sally will check in with Linda next week.

LR 2 will be the new ERA bill for the Maine Legislature in 2019. It will be proposed in January. We need 7 Republican House members to get 2/3 vote.

Publicity (Robin, Lyn, Nancy)

Lyn is putting together an outline for sending out press releases, posters, etc.

Education and Research (Susan, Nancy, Leda Beth, Sally)

Sherry said that the Democrats are having a Christmas party on December 13. It might be a good time to touch base with some of the legislators. Sherry will let us know more information on this.

Nancy spoke with Chris Rector, Angus King’s Augusta staff representative when he attended the Camden event. He talked to King’s DC staff and then asked Nancy to send a 1-pager to the staff. The staff would like to meet in DC next week or in April. Nancy will be able to do this in April with 3 staff members. Nancy will send the 1-pager to us.

A small Portland event was discussed for spring, possibly mid-May. It was decided to do a small event like the Camden one. Robin will ask her cousin about a good venue.

We may try a larger event in Portland in the fall. Posie suggested the Senior College in Portland as a separate event.

Respectfully submitted,

Lyn Mayewski

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