ERMaine Meeting Minutes 11.8.18

Upcoming meeting dates:

Dec. 4 – 1:00-3:00 – Howard Room

Equal Rights Maine Minutes --- November 8, 2018

Retreat at Linda Nelson’s house

Attending: Posie Cowan, Linda Nelson, Sally Stone, Jean Fogelberg, Leda Beth Gray,

Nancy Murdock, Susan Snider, Sherry Streeter, Lyn Mayewski

Discussion started with the election and the fact that the Maine State ERA stands a better chance in 2019. Lois Reckitt will propose a bill as soon as possible. While our primary focus is on a federal ERA, this might be the time to put some additional effort into the state ERA.

Networking & Contacts Data Base --- Networking Log (Susan) --- Supporters List (Robin)

Jean sent out the Camden event notice to the Supporters List by WIX. This goes to the email addresses of the supporters. It’s possible to see who has opened the email or not, as well as whose emails bounced back.

Jean will send out a reminder this week. Sherry will repost the event on Facebook

Network Building (Posie, Sherry, Linda, Susan)

Linda asked about a deadline for getting allies. Sherry & Susan had put together a list. Each of us was to sign up for people or groups that we would contact. Susan had sent us a script as a general guideline. Nancy will send out a consolidated list and we’ll discuss it more at the December meeting.

Posie suggested January/February as a deadline for getting enough allies to put them on the website.

Jean and Sherry will discuss ideas for how to post the allies on the website and present them at the December meeting.

Leda Beth pointed out that we need to let potential allies know that we’re asking them to support our mission (not specifically our group).

Susan and Nancy will draft a letter of confirmation to be sent by email to each new ally.

This would be signed, scanned, and sent back to us.

Communications (Nancy, Sherry, Jean)

This new category incorporates communications, Facebook, and website (part of this was previously under Publicity).

Jean asked about getting permission from the lawyer (Bangor event) for using video of her on the website. WERU has already posted the audio to their website.

The Communications committee will meet before the December meeting.

Sherry asked if Randy might be willing to be our official filmmaker. She will approach him.

Advocacy with Legislators (Sally, Linda, Leda Beth)

Collins (Robin)

King (Sherry, Nancy)

Pingree (Nancy, Sherry)

Poliquin (Susan)

Maine: House: Sarah Pebworth and Luchini or Swartz

Senate: Republican Malaby

Candidates: Governor, Legislators, etc.

Calls for Action (Leda Beth)

Publicity (Robin, Lyn, Nancy)

Lyn will put together an outline for sending out press releases, posters, etc.

Education and Research (Susan, Nancy, Leda Beth, Sally)

Bangor Panel (Oct. 10)

The Bangor panel was debriefed. Nancy thinks we should film all events because it was helpful for our learning and because we may pick up some good sound bytes.

The pros and cons of the event were discussed in detail.

Some of the cons included the quality of these particular panelists (nervous, should have given an overview of cases, etc.), not enough attendance and diversity of ages, not enough time for questions, audience member went on too long, etc.

Pros included Nancy as a good moderator, quality people showed up in the audience, friends took the dvds and will show it to other groups, we got a couple of good young people contacts, we learned from the panelists, Nancy sent an Op Ed to the Bangor Daily News that coincided with the event, WERU audiotaped the event, lots of emails and press went out so even if people didn’t attend the event they heard about it, the venue was good for Bangor people because they know the library well, etc.

What we learned: Videotaping is a great tool to learn from our events, having a dry run with the panelists (even though there had been meetings going over things) might be a help, no matter how much press, emails, posters, we are likely to get a small audience and that it’s the quality of the attendees that matters most, that we should send follow-up emails to young attendees (Susan did this with to two young women who came), and that publicity could be started earlier (“mark your calendars”) so then reminders could be sent out.

Camden Panel (Nov. 13)

Sally said that the Camden Library has done great PR and that Midcoast group is also doing PR. Linda has around 100 bracelets to take and handouts have been printed. There was discussion about filming the event.


Long Range Planning (looking toward the next 6 months)

Thoughts for the near future included:

Work toward the State ERA with Lois Reckitt. Find a strategy to go to Republicans (Lois said she would let us know who are the most likely to support a Maine ERA.)

(When is Judiciary Committee likely to take place?)

Meet with Sarah Pebworth and Louie Lucchini to show the ½ hour film with discussion of the ERA (Linda will make the initial contact with them before the next session starts).

Work with King, Collins, Golden (!) to get them to co-sponsor a Federal ERA.

(Sherry has been invited to coffee with Mary Herman.)

Use the momentum of the election to get younger people involved. (Sherry will talk to Libby Chamberlain. Robin has contact with Cecile Richards.)

Set up an event in Portland possibly in the fall of 2019. There may be more of a chance of reaching younger people there.

Get more photos on the website.

Find ways to get our supporters (contact list) more involved (more calls to action? other?).

Possibly send out a newsletter/call to action to our supporters to tell them the date of the Women’s March (January 19, 2019) - possibly a post-election newsletter.

Respectfully submitted,

Lyn Mayewski

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