ERMaine Meeting Minutes 9.4.18

Subject: Equal Rights Maine minutes from September 4, 2018 E.R.A. meeting in the Howard room

Upcoming events: Note changes. Tuesday, October 2, 2018. E.R.A. meeting Howard Room, Blue Hill Library, 1:00 -3:00 pm Wednesday October 10, 2018 Bangor Public Library, Forum & Panel Discussion 6:00 to 7:00 pm Thursday, November 8, 2018. E.R.A. Retreat: Linda Nelsons house. 10:00 a.m. to...end time to be determined. Includes ( possibly potluck) lunch. Tuesday, November 13, 2018. Camden Public Library, 7:00 pm 30 minute Film and Panel Discussion. Equal Rights Maine and Midcoast Women's Collective Tuesday, December 4, 2018. E.R.A meeting 1:00-3:00 Howard Room, Blue Hill Library Attending the Sept 4, 2018 meeting: Posie Cowan, Leda Beth Gray, Jean Fogelberg, Robin Lincoln, Nancy Murdock, Linda Nelson, Susan Snider, Sherry Streeter, Sally Stone Networking and Contact Data Bases. (Susan & Robin ) Any new email addresses that you want added to the contact list, please send to Robin for data entry. Send any Network Log information to Susan, with CC to Nancy. Susan will add our additions and comments to the Log. Network Building ( Posie, Sherry, Linda, Susan ) Susan talked with Jessica Neuwirth, President of ERA Coalition —-about Scalia comment about ERA protecting women ( not protecting women ) — about how ERA Coalition wants more active participants at National level. —-Virginia being the possible 3rd state to ratify.... ——We agreed to sign up with ERA Coalition to be an ally with them ... Susan talked with Bettina Hager, D.C. Director of ERA Coalition —-about legal implications of what an ERA would do ——about how if cops could be sued for failing to protect women, things might change —-about cultural shifts Susan offered to write a white paper about ERA and violence against women including sexual harassment; violations of the civil rights act as far as Maine is concerned. Susan talked with Wendy Murphy, adjunct professor of sexual violence law at New England Law School/Boston Wendy is an advocate for children and women. She has been suing Betsy Devos. Susan and Wendy discussed that the Commerce Clause is moot to fight sexual discrimination. Especially because of Morrison. There are no federal rape laws. It is up to the states. Wendy Murphy thinks the ERA Coalition might be favoring the start over approach ....Wendy pointed out that there are two sides of thinking on the gender vs sex discrimination issue. Susan sent us some links to Wendy Murphys writing in an email. She referenced Wendy’s Golden Globe piece where Wendy pointed out that that night was a “squandered opportunity”. You can find the link to that in Susan’s email, or type in: Golden Globes: a squandered opportunity....this will also bring you to Wendy Murphy’s web site. Nancy may vet Wendy Murphy before we would ask her to be on a future panel. Nancy had a conversation with Rebecca Weber, lawyer...all she can use to litigate a sexual assault case is the human rights act. If we had an ERA, she could use that. Posie connected with the Scholars Strategy Network. She was invited to meet with their group in July in Portland, so they could learn more about our group. They may be interested in being our ally. These are academic scholars who study issues of legislative policy...they share their work and connect through a network to other academics, civic leaders, journalists, policy makers. Their web site: Check out their web site for interesting papers about sex discrimination. Sherry has Mary Hermon “in the palm of her hand”...! And they will meet for coffee after the election. Angus is in favor of an ERA, but he can’t take a position until after the election. Nancy spoke to Jenna, part of Janet Mills’ team. Janet is a great supporter of ERA. But as a candidate she has to be careful how she weaves in her views. She is certainly not a shoe in. She is a supporter of women and we would be lucky to have her as a governor. Sherry mentioned how there are several spoilers on the Democratic side, which could affect the outcome. The republican candidate, who is popular, is a lot like LePage. Sherry and Sally went to an event and spoke to Chellie Pingree. She too is running a difficult race and can not campaign on ERA. Lois Rickett and Eloise Vitelli are both running tough races and could use some donations. Everybody is needing funding. The Camden event at the Library is on Nov. 13 at 7 p.m. The discussion was around using a similar format to the event at the Brooksville Library earlier this summer. There will be: 1. Introduction 2. Show the 30 minute film 3. Q & A Linda, Nancy and Sally will be presenters ( Posie will be away ) Sally will update the group after she talks with Pam Maus. Sally will let us know what she needs for publicity. The Midcoast Womens Collective will help promote it and they will be a good ally with us. Sherry will do the graphics etc. The Bangor Library event is Wednesday October 10 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. It is a panel discussion. Maybe WERU will tape it???? (Nancy, Posie and Robin stayed and met after the meeting to discuss strategies for publicity for the Bangor Library event. Notes from that short meeting in a separate email....) I believe it was Nancy who recommended a good documentary “I am not your Negro”. It can be found on Netflix. The film is based on an unfinished book by James Baldwin. Described as a “journey into black history that connects the civil rights movement with #BlackLivesMatter”. In discussing the upcoming Bangor Library event as well as the potential for a Portland event in the Spring of 2019.....There was a lively and interesting discussion about the need to develop a series of really good questions for legal minds. We also discussed how maybe someone with a legal background could write a white paper? We discussed ideas for a paper that Nancy might write for the Maine Law Review.....Nancy is staying in touch with Dean Conway about events next March and April in Portland. Some of the questions and ideas that were batted around are as follows: Why don’t the laws that are in place work, and why would an ERA help? Why doesn’t the 14th amendment protect women ? What is the legal responsibility of police departments to protect women? “This is not your mothers & grandmothers ERA”. (Jean F.) There is a huge difference between now and then. What is the connection between the ERA and Race? Who is going to benefit from an ERA ? “Sex Discrimination in Maine: Why do we need an ERA?

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