ERMaine Meeting Minutes 6.5.18

Upcoming meeting dates – NOTE CHANGES:

July 19 – 9:00-11:00 – Bass Room

Sept. 4 – 1:00-3:00 – Howard Room

Oct. 2 – 1:00-3:00 – Howard Room

Nov. 8 – Retreat – time to be determined

Dec. 4 – 1:00-3:00 – Howard Room

Attending: Posie Cowan, Jean Fogelberg, Leda Beth Gray, Robin Lincoln, Linda Nelson, Nancy Murdock, Susan Snider, Sherry Streeter, Sally Stone, Lyn Mayewski

Networking & Contact Data Bases (Susan & Robin)

We were reminded to email Sherry re. who we’re willing to contact for potential allies.

Network Building (Posie, Sherry, Linda, Susan)

Events that occurred since our last meeting were reviewed.

Illinois ratified the ERA!

Maine ratified the ERA in 1974. We discussed the problem of ProChoice being connected by some to the ERA. Sherry emailed us an article, from Outside the Beltway, listing obstacles to the ERA. Posie will email us an article saying we shouldn’t get bogged down with the obstacles.

Nancy and Posie attended a class of the New Leadership group in Orono on June 2.

There were approximately 20 people. They showed the short version of Equal Means Equal – Legalize Equality. At least 2 participants and/or professors want to show it to their friends/ classes.

The Bangor Library is reserved for Thursday, September 27, 5:00-8:00. The actual event/ summit is 6:00-7:00. Kathleen Caldwell will be the expert lawyer for the panel (she was with Pine Tree Legal).

In May, Jean and Sherry attended the Mabel Wadsworth dinner honoring Mary Cathcart.

Strategy Session

There was discussion about having a retreat in the fall. It was decided to have one after the election. Also, at that time, Lois Reckitt will have put a bill in for a Maine ERA (January vote). Nancy and Susan will contact Lois about this.

The retreat will be on Thursday, November 8 – time to be determined. Linda offered her house. We will not meet at our regular date of Nov. 6.

We reviewed our Mission Statement and agreed that it is the same:

Maine Citizens advocating for an Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Our short-term goals are:

-Education – getting the word out and setting the groundwork for future elections.

-Advocating, after the primary, with the Democrat running against Poliquin.

-Continuing to try to meet with key staff of King, Collins, Pingree and Poliquin – keep the pressure up. Bring up the Illinois ratification.

-Contact the Democratic candidates, after the primary, to ask if they will support and if they will co-sponsor the ERA bill to get it out of committee.

-Contact all candidates, Democratic and Republican, after the primary

-Develop questions for the Bangor Daily News –and other newspapers - for candidates.

-Develop allies – The goal is to work on this over the summer, following Susan’s outline, and have at the least the easy ones by September. We should use the Networking Log to let each other know who we’ve contacted.

Advocacy with Legislators (Sally, Linda, Leda Beth)

Collins (Robin)

King (Sherry, Nancy)

Pingree (Nancy, Sherry)

Poliquin (Susan)

Maine: Langley & Chapman

Candidates: Governor, Legislators, etc.

Calls for Action (Leda Beth)

See above.

Publicity (Robin, Lyn, Nancy)

Sally, Posie and Linda will give a presentation at the Brooksville Library on June 27.

Sherry will make a poster and email it to Lyn to print (20 posters). Lyn will print 30 handouts (the latest version of the paper newsletter). The library is handling press releases, etc.

Facebook & Website (Nancy, Sherry, Jean)

Jean and Nancy will work on the website regarding WIX/ Networking Log link.

Jean will put the latest version of the newsletter on the website.

Nancy suggests doing another newsletter after the November election.

Education and Research (Susan, Nancy, Leda Beth, Sally)

Sally has been in contact with Pam Maus of the Midcoast Women’s Collective.

They will co-sponsor a showing of Legalize Equality, followed by a panel or Q&A at the Camden Library and they will help with publicity. Sally will confirm a date with the library for Nov. 13, 8 or Sept. 25.

Pam Maus asked about our help with publicity about showing her movie, Second Wave to Tidal Wave, at Reel Pizza. It was decided that we would help with this IF one of us is on the panel. No date has been set yet with Reel Pizza. It will be a Saturday or Sunday.

The presentation through GSA will be postponed until next year.

Respectfully submitted,

Lyn Mayewski

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