ERMaine Meeting Minutes 3.6.18

Draft minutes:

Upcoming meeting dates:

Tues. Apr. 3 – 10:00-12:00 Howard Room

Tues. May 8 - 10:00-12:00 Howard Room - note change of date

Tues. June 5 – 10:00-12:00 Howard Room (Lyn has reserved the room for these dates)

ERMaine Minutes --- March 6, 2018

Attending: Robin Lincoln, Nancy Murdock, Posie Cowan, Sally Stone,

Linda Nelson, Lyn Mayewski

Networking & Contact Data Base (Susan & Robin)

Susan mentioned that the Log input is a bit tedious right now. Nancy thinks there may be a Bahamas Google issue, so we need to use the link from Nancy for now. May need some help from Jean when she returns.

Network Building (Posie, Sherry, Linda, Susan)


Linda made contact with Susan Gardiner (chair Women’s and Gender Studies UM) who gave her the name of a student, Meghan Frishard. She invited us to have a table for Celebration of Women’s History Month on March 20th in the Student Union.

Linda has ordered more wristbands.


Susan is continuing contact with Poliquin’s office and has sent a copy of Equal Means Equal to his staff.

Susan spoke about the Minnesota ERA group. They have a great website.

They held a “Summit” with Equal Means Equal and had a lot of legislators there.

Susan is contacting them to see how the Summit went.

Minnesota is comparable to Maine in being a ratified state, but no ERA in the state constitution.

Susan will talk to the ERA Coalition about legislators pledges.

Susan will make a template of an email to ask Maine groups to be allies.


Sherry has purchased a second copy of the long version of Equal Means Equal.

Sherry is in contact with Lynn Bolger, COA, about showing the film.

Sherry will ask Jean Fogelberg about installing a donation button on the website (see further notes, below, about donations).

Sherry has gotten permission from Kim, at The Grand, to have handouts at Lunafest.

Sherry and Nancy have been tweaking the handout design and getting prices for printing.

(See follow-up under publicity).

Sherry is researching tee shirt design and costs.

Sherry is scripting a message for Facebook groups.

Sherry will give Marion a DVD and handout for the Beyond Labels group.


From last month: Robin checked into the Women’s Conference in Portland. It’s more of a business conference, so not the right venue for us.


Posie spoke with the Director of the Bangor Library, Barbara Dade, about holding a symposium or summit there. It may be in the 3rd floor with a showing of the 30-minute Equal Means Equal. They are looking for a date.

Barbara Dade is checking with the Bangor League of Women Voters to see if they would like us to come.

Posie wrote to Barbara Cardone, Representative who is on the State Judiciary Committee.

Posie is in contact with Audrey Li who will be showing Equal Means Equal in her Women and Gender Studies class this April.

Marie Saucier is thinking of groups to show the film.

Posie will connect with Mabel Wadsworth.

Kim Simmons is showing Equal Means Equal to her gender studies class at USM and is willing to work with us and the law school this fall.

Posie will contact Reversing Falls and Peace & Justice to see if they want to show Equal Means Equal. She thinks these two groups will want to see the longer version.

Non-profit (not-for profit?) question

Posie is researching different kinds of non-profit statuses.

There was discussion about whether or not we should become a non-profit.

Sally said that we don’t want to tie our hands regarding advocacy and being political.

Nancy mentioned Emma Stone (works at ACLU) – but maybe hold off on her for now because we may want to ask for her help later.

Sally said that Sherry knows a retired not-for-profit lawyer on MDI.

Linda said she could advice from a lawyer that she heard speak at the library.

Susan will contact the Minnesota group to see how they got their 501-C4

(501-C4: can take donations, but donor cannot write them off)

Right now, Posie will speak with a lawyer friend and start the research into the best situation for us.

Time frame?

Cost of becoming some sort of status?

Upcoming dates:

March 22 – Gubanatorial candidates at the Orland Community Center – 7:00

March 25 – Some of us will attend the Second Wave film in Rockland

There will be a panel discussion after the film. Nancy suggested thinking about some

of the panelists for the Bangor Summit, in particular Nancy W. – former law professor

at USM.

April 29 – Reel Pizza (should we hold a raffle there? – any rules about running a raffle?)

Advocacy with Legislators (Sally, Linda, Leda Beth)

Collins (Robin)

King (Sherry, Nancy)

Pingree (Nancy, Sherry)

Poliquin (Susan)

Maine: Langley & Chapman

Candidates: Governor, Legislators, etc.

Calls for Action (Leda Beth)


Sherry is continuing contact with Angus King’s wife, Mary Herman.


Robin is trying to meet with Collins’s key staff.

Robin’s friend, Betsy, believes that Collins supports an ERA, but Collins has not really come out about it.

Publicity (Robin, Lyn, Nancy)

The handout is ready to be printed. Lyn & Nancy will discuss printing options this week.

Lyn will also ask Sherry to look at printing samples on different kinds of paper.

Robin & Lyn will talk to Sherry about what needs to be done for the Reel Pizza showing.

We could email something to our personal contacts once the final details are settled (time?).

Susan suggested that we find a different name for the Newsletter and that maybe we can all brainstorm this month: “Bulletin” “News Flash” etc.

Nancy said that the frequency of the newsletter will depend on what is happening but is unlikely to be more than quarterly.

Facebook & Website (Nancy, Sherry, Jean)

Nancy posted an article on Facebook: “Me, Too Fuels a Comeback.”

Since many of the group are not on Facebook or don’t check it on a regular basis, Nancy will send the steering committee a link to articles that she is posting there.

Linda asked if Oprah has ever made a stand on an ERA.

She will draft a letter to send to Oprah offering to give her information, etc.

Other prominent figures? Meryl Streep has been very active. Frances McDormand.

Education and Research (Susan, Nancy, Leda Beth, Sally)

Nancy sent out an email (2/20/18) with ideas regarding a Portland Reception & Workshop and a Bangor ERA Summit (symposium). She is suggesting late September through early October for possible dates – definitely before the election.

The Portland Reception & Workshop would take place first with the Bangor Summit a couple of weeks later.


Next step: meeting with people who will help with the workshop such as Danielle Conway, Dean of the Law School, Kim Simmons, the 2 young female lawyers, etc.

Nancy hopes to meet with them in May.

Robin said she could help with that meeting.


Posie has lots of contacts in Bangor.

Susan suggested including the University of Maine, Orono campus.

Sally suggested contacting Bates, Bowdoin, Colby (for Bangor or Portland).

Susan suggested making the title be in the positive, not “Do We Need an ERA,” but something like “It’s Time for an ERA.”

Respectfully submitted,

Lyn Mayewski

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