ERMaine Meeting Minutes 2.6.18

Upcoming meeting dates:

Tues. Mar. 6 – 10:00-12:00 Howard Room

Tues. Apr. 3 – 10:00-12:00 Howard Room

Tues. May 1 - 10:00-12:00 Howard Room (Lyn has reserved the room for these dates)

ERMaine Minutes --- February 6, 2018

Attending: Susan Snider, Leda Beth Gray, Lyn Mayewski, Robin Lincoln, Nancy Murdock, Posie Cowan, Sherry Streeter, Sally Stone, Linda Nelson

Networking & Contact Data Base (Susan & Robin)

Nancy said to continue accessing the Log through the link that she sent by email.

There have been around 700 views on the newsletter.

Nancy will send the newsletter to all state legislators and will try to attach a note (federal legislators have already received it).

Posie asked about printing and mailing a hard copy to state legislators and their staff. Susan mentioned that mailings to federal offices are heavily screened due to the anthrax threats and that the staffers prefer email.

Sherry said that a hard copy handout would be a much shorter reformat of the newsletter. A trifold or one page format was discussed. Leda Beth suggested that perhaps there should be more than one – each focusing on a separate issue.

Nancy will come up with a condensed text, starting with a very simple handout first. The hope is to have a handout by April 29 for the viewing of Equal Means Equal at Reel Pizza.

Reel Pizza holds around 75 people in each of two rooms. They can show a film in each room. Posie has a copy of the movie. Sherry will look into getting a 2nd copy. Reel Pizza will be a full viewing of the movie Equal Means Equal.

Posie will contact Marie Saucier to let her know about the showing (American Association of University Women, AAUW.).

(Posie will be back April 1. Nancy will be back around May 1.)

(Equal Means Equal now has a 30 min. version for $5. Nancy will send a link.)

(Sherry mentioned that The Grand is showing Lunafest this year. She will check with them to see if they would be willing to show the 30-min. version of Equal Means Equal.)

Network Building (Posie, Sherry, Linda, Susan)

The group met and worked on clarifying goals with Education being the primary goal.

1) Social Media – with other groups

Sherry is writing a letter which might work for others, also.

2) Presentations (including Equal Means Equal)

Sherry – Reel Pizza

Susan & Sherry – COA

Linda – con – oops – missed this part

3) Networking Log

Follow up with contacts / cultivating groups

4) Focus on attending candidate town halls, round tables, etc.

Linda is working on a calendar of events, though there isn’t much on the candidates’ websites.

There was discussion of a fall ERA symposium in Bangor or Portland, before the 2018 elections, to bring attention to the ERA, educate the public about the issues and gain some visibility for candidates supporting the ERA. We will talk further about this idea at our next meeting. We will need a committee to organize it, a format to determine, speakers to invite.

Nancy reported on her meeting with Kathy Bonk who suggested that we focus on District 2 (i.e. Bangor) as a location for such an ‘ERA symposium’ (rather than Portland). The rationale is that our focus is, at first, the Poliquin seat. We can develop Portland in other ways.

Kim Simmons, who teaches in the Women and Gender Studies Program at USM, will be showing the 30-min. version of Equal Means Equal to her class this term. She responded favorably to Nancy’s suggestion of a collaboration between USM Law School students and WGS students on the ERA issue. It would be ideal to bring results of such a collaboration to our symposium.

Sherry suggested that we hold an open Equal Rights Maine meeting this summer, for anyone to attend – perhaps in June. Many people have asked what they can do.

We discussed the upcoming May 2018 Women’s Conference in Portland – whether we might have a role in it. After discussion and review of the posted conference agenda, and the $350 cost of a booth, we decided against it. However, Robin offered to call the organizers to see if there might be a way to add the ERA to the conference agenda.

Advocacy with Legislators (Sally, Linda, Leda Beth)

Collins (Robin)

King (Sherry, Nancy)

Pingree (Nancy, Sherry)

Poliquin (Susan)

Maine: Langley & Chapman

Candidates: Governor, Legislators, etc.

Calls for Action (Leda Beth)


Susan is going to follow up with Corenna (Poliquin’s office).


Robin has been in contact with a woman in Collins office. She is willing to meet with us in DC. Nancy will be in DC in April. Robin will try to set up a meeting between the staffer and Nancy for Friday, April 27th.


Sherry is trying to schedule with him. She contacted his wife, Mary Herman, and may have coffee with her in Brunswick.

Calls for Action:

Waiting to be sure of the best time – but ask people to call King and Collins, etc. to sponsor SJ5 and HJ53.

Publicity (Robin, Lyn, Nancy)

Facebook & Website (Nancy, Sherry, Jean)

Education and Research (Susan, Nancy, Leda Beth, Sally) The Newsletter has received about 800 ‘views’ online. We will be working on a hard copy ‘hand-out’ for events, networking visits, etc.

Respectfully submitted,

Lyn Mayewski & Robin Lincoln

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