Minutes of the Steering Committee 11.7.17

ERA Maine Meeting Minutes – November 7. 2017

1) Networking & Contact Data Base (Susan & Robin)

The group was asked to send contacts with email address, county or town to Susan & Robin to be input into the data base.

This would include individuals and groups who would then get the newsletter and calls to action.

2) Network Building (Posie, Sherry, Linda, Susan)

Reaching out to groups and individuals – development.

Networking Log – All of the group can access the log to input conversations with individuals or groups. Example: Nancy had a conversation with Pingree’s office and input the information on the Log.

3) Advocacy with Legislators (Sally, Linda, Leda Beth)

Nancy is now the contact with Pingree and Sherry is the contact with King.

Nancy talked to Pingree’s office through a contact, Willy Ritch. She spoke with Evan who gave Nancy the Scheduler’s name. Evan suggested that Nancy try to set up a meeting at the Portland office. Pingree is co-sponsor on both ERA bills.

Nancy is trying for a December 1 meeting with, at least, the staff to get information from them. Sherry and Sally will also try to go.

Sherry talked to King’s office (Sherry met Mr. & Mrs. King at a fundraiser this year). Megan Stewart (staffer) is willing to meet with Sherry and also gave Sherry the scheduling information to try to meet with King. Skyping with King is also a possibility. Sherry will enter this information into the Networking Log.

Robin spoke with Betsy McCandless regarding Collins. She was also told about the Scheduling routine and that Collins might be able to meet in Bangor on a Saturday. Collins is not currently co-sponsoring either of the ERA bills, but did cosponsor with Sen. Kennedy around 2002.

Susan talked to Poliquin staffer, Kate, in DC. Kate handles Poliquin’s women’s issues. The Scheduler said there might be a time to meet during the December recess. The hope is to find out what his pushback would be.

Other updates:

Susan clarified that Sen. Mendedez and Rep. Maloney have proposed a start over amendment in order to add new wording, including the word ‘women’.

Susan reported that Eloise Vitelli said that the Maine State ERA bill is being held over into the new session, with little chance of a different outcome.

There was discussion about trying to meet with Republicans. Sally will email Langley to try to get information about the Republican leadership. Susan will email Roger Katz who voted for the Maine ERA (Dana Dow, Rep., also voted yes). Nancy suggested trying to make a presentation to the Hancock County Republicans. (“Winter Project”)

Calls for Action

Leda Beth asked about sending a call for action to the contact list to make calls to legislators. It was decided to hold off for a bit.

4) Publicity (Robin, Lyn, Nancy)

Nancy MAY try to write an article about the Night of Terror but probably won’t have time before the anniversary. She will be gone until the 22nd of Nov.


Jean is working on the formatting on the Shout Out app which works with the website. It will be linked to information sites and the ERA Maine Facebook page.

Nancy wants more photos in the newsletter. It will be on-line only at this time and sent to the email list and put on the website. (After Jean, Nancy, and Sherry finalize the format of the newsletter, Lyn will take over its input for the next newsletter – probably spring.)

In the future, the newsletter may be made into a 3-fold printed form to be put in libraries, etc. (“Winter Project”)

Goal is for the newsletter to go out before our next meeting (Dec. 5).

There was discussion about letting the larger group know that we’re still active. The newsletter should help that. There was, also, the suggestion of holding a meeting next spring.

5) Facebook & Website (Nancy, Sherry, Jean)

There was discussion about uploading articles to the ERA Maine Facebook page. Nancy and Sherry can post on the page. If anyone sees an article that looks appropriate to post on our page, she can send it to Nancy.

6) Education & Research (Susan, Nancy, Leda Beth, Sally)

Sally joined this committee today.

Nancy spoke with Mary Cathcart and Marie Saucier of the American Association of University Women, AAUW. Marie is interested in doing a showing of Equal Means Equal at The Grand in Ellsworth. There was discussion about whether they would take the lead in doing this and if this venue is the best.

Nancy will suggest the shorter format in a smaller venue like the community center (15 minutes of the film, some background on ERA, and Q&A like Susan did with the Alamoosic group).

The Equal Means Equal showings attendance has been approximately:

Bucksport – 70

Blue Hill – 35

Stonington – 35

Sherry would like to see the film shown in Portland, Belfast, COA. She will follow up with Marion Morris’ suggestion of a Portland showing.

There was discussion about how many and what kind of workshops to hold.

-We have an invitation to present to the Womens’ Studies class at the University of Southern Maine.

-Possibility of presenting to the annual meeting of the AAUW?

-To the League of Women Voters?

-House parties?

Nancy suggested that smaller workshops will give us practice to look toward a stronger push next year as we approach the 2018 election.

Nancy is working on a Power Point presentation to help with Workshops.

(“Winter Project”)

Next meeting:

Tuesday, December 5, 10:00-12:00, Bass Room, Blue Hill Library

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