Meeting Minutes, April 14th, 2017

Equal Rights Maine Meeting Minutes of 4.14.17

Attending: Sue Snider, Sherry Streeter, Robin Lincoln, Jean Fogelberg, Linda Nelson, Lyn Mayewski, Leda Beth Gray, Janet Pease, Posie Cowan and Nancy Murdock

Our meeting was held in the Howard Room at the Blue Hill Library from 2:30 – 4:00

The Website and Facebook page: Jean and Nancy will work on ways to expand the reach of the Facebook posts. For now, FB posts are linking to the What’s Happening page in the website, for more information and actions.

Networking Calls to interest groups in Maine: We will be following up on initial calls with invitations to the Equal Means Equal screening on May 4th. The list of organizations to reach as possible partners in the ERA work expands. We are also receiving interest for creating ‘partner’ groups in other parts of Maine: so far, Portland area and Belfast area. Follow the Networking Log on the website for detail.

Advocacy calls to our Members of Congress: Poliquin staff meeting will be scheduled during the week of April 24th. The other three national and two state legislators will be sent invitations to the film screening, with follow up calls to schedule meetings with our group. (Sen. King: Janet Pease, Rep. Pingree: Sherry Streeter, Sen. Collins: Robin Lincoln, Sen. Langley: Sally Stone, Rep. Chapman: Linda Nelson)

Press: WPBN’s Maine Calling’s invitation to the April 4th show gave Posie a great chance to bring the current ERA into a broader discussion of women’s suffrage history in Maine. We hope to follow with a future WPBN program focused on the ERA, at the state and national levels.

We are working on an OpEd piece on the ERA in Maine: the state bill proceeding through the Judiciary to the whole Assembly and the national progress.

New Information: The vote in the Judiciary Committee at the State House in Augusta, passed the ERA bill 7 – 4. This was not the strong vote we wanted to see. The bill will proceed to a full Assembly vote in the House next. There is a lot of work ahead to contact our state legislators.

Maine Women’s Day at the State House is Wednesday, May 10th, 8 – 5. It will be a chance to meet many of Maine’s women’s interest groups and introduce our group. We will arrange for a bus and ask for interested riders in a follow-up email.

Going Live: Our Outreach Letter is already bringing in more Signups to the email list (vital) and visits to the website and Facebook page. It is copied again here. Send letters. Send lots of letters.

Equal Means Equal Screening on May 4th:

Sherry and Robin brought a sample of the invitation to the event, which will be sent to our Members of Congress, state and national, as well as the groups we have been contacting over the past months. The doors will open at 5:30 with refreshments, screening at 6:30, 30-minute discussion following. We will have handouts (two-sided: our single page Talking Points, with EME bulleted points and Actions).

Our next meeting is scheduled for May 8th, 2017, in the Howard Room at the Blue Hill Library, at 3:30pm.

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